S2:E10- Blue Light Glasses

Shine bright like a diamond, or like blue light! Have you noticed your co-workers purchasing those extra trendy blue light glasses? Have you thought about purchasing them yourself? Well, you’ll want to listen to our season finale to find out if the glasses are worth it or not! Nikita tried them for a month andContinue reading “S2:E10- Blue Light Glasses”


S2:E9- Meat Alternatives

There are so many meat alternatives that it’s BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE to know what’s good for you and what’s not! This week we dive into what tofu, tempeh, jackfruit and the other hottest plant-based meats really are while learning how all those vegans actually have plenty of protein options. We discovered the truth about Beyond andContinue reading “S2:E9- Meat Alternatives”

S2:E8- Dairy Free Alternatives

Raise your hand if you are one of the unfortunate that are lactose intolerant, but you love ice cream and butter and all things dairy! You are not alone. Most the world population is lactose intolerant, but why? Well, your host Miya (she’s lactose intolerant too and LOVES butter) did and found out why weContinue reading “S2:E8- Dairy Free Alternatives”

S2:E6- fadspert: Accountability Coach, Brooke Cavins

Season 2 comes with our second fadpsert. This time say hello to Accountability Coach and Nikita’s Roommate, Brooke Cavins. What is an Accountability Coach you ask (we didn’t know either), tune in to learn about what it is and what it entails. Brooke takes us through why she became a coach and how she staysContinue reading “S2:E6- fadspert: Accountability Coach, Brooke Cavins”

S2:E5- Aluminum-Free Armpits

Why is everyone on the aluminum-free deodorant train? What does that even mean? Did you even know there was aluminum in your antiperspirants? So much to learn! Tune in to get stinky with us as we dive into the history of aluminum in the pits, why people are freaking out about it, and hear whatContinue reading “S2:E5- Aluminum-Free Armpits”

S2:E3- Cruelty Free

One of our toughest episodes to get through without tears. This week we dove deep into what all this cruelty free stuff really means and why it’s such an important fad. We were mind blown to learn how many of our favorite brands are not cruelty free. Listen in to learn more and join theContinue reading “S2:E3- Cruelty Free”